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Somewhere over the rainbow

I am sometimes asked how I come up with the ideas for my spanking films. The truth is, I enjoy inventing scenarios and characters, and once you start, there is no limit to the number of ideas you can come up with. Creativity is not finite: you don’t use it all up- quite the opposite- the more you use it, the more it will give you. I aim to make varied and original content, although, of course, a lot of spanking stories have a similar theme. I like David Bowie’s take on this (and I am paraphrasing my idol). He said that genius is not necessarily coming up with something new, as all artists recycle, but you need to do it better than it’s been done before, and make it your own. He explained how he was inspired by the melody from ‘Somewhere over the rainbow while composing ‘Starman’ and now when I listen to ‘There’s a starman waiting in the sky’ I can hear ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ behind it. While Bowie’s track is clearly iconic, it is not strictly an original melody.

With that in mind here is an example of the ideas process for a new film- I made a couple of films a while ago that I called ‘Franco-style spankings’. Everyone has seen FM spanking films, but I wanted to do it my way. My model was a fit, toned man who could pass as a young man or teenage boy, and in fact the concept for the clip was all his idea. I like to ask models about their fantasies so we can film something they are genuinely into as well. I think this makes a better and more authentic spanking film. This clip was inspired by the illustrations of Franco, who does a lot of MM spanking drawings, but also many FM pictures where the spanker is often a very mature lady dressed in gingham and pearls, and the spankee appears to be ‘young, dumb and full of cum'. A classic feature is that often they are bouncing up and down over her knee with their legs wide open and their dick and balls pulled between their legs. Hugely embarrassing, and kind of hot. I wasn’t sure, and kept asking him- do you think people will really want to see that? He assured me it was a huge fantasy of his, and he thought a lot of other men would like it. The film was very popular! As a result I got asked a lot to re-create it in sessions, and requests for more of the same type of video content. So here’s a perfect example of being inspired by the model’s fantasies, and some classic inspiration (Franco’s vision). Also the difference from most FM spanking films, giving it my own spin, was the use of a young-looking, fit guy.

Sometimes the idea comes from the surroundings and the venue. Matilda and I filmed at a beautiful Victorian mansion we stayed in, run like an Airbnb with no staff, all key-boxes and entry codes. The grand old house was empty, apart from us, and it featured beautiful high-ceilinged rooms with cornices and antique furnishings, and a sweeping staircase with wooden bannisters and creaking floorboards. Who would live in a house like this? A wealthy but unkind widow, we decided, and she might want to hire a naive young girl to be her paid companion (or rather,, ‘whipping girl’). Perhaps she’s mean-spirited, and likes to punish her girls, dangling the enticing carrot of accompanying her mistress on her upcoming European tour. Her impossibly high standards would result in whichever poor girl she hired being spanked for the smallest slip or mistake. This was the beginning of a series of films called ’The Paid Companion’. Part 4, filmed in the bathroom, is one of my favourite films together, as Matilda was genuinely struggling with the hard hair brush spanking I gave her, and her reactions were entirely authentic.

Another idea was to bring in a more loving but stern element to our filmed dynamic, as Mother and daughter. While away at an Airbnb that could have served as a domestic setting, we filmed ‘Felicity’s Dress’. There were 2 sources of inspiration here- one of them was the outfit- we saw a short, tight, pink dress with one sleeve, in a cheap clothing store, and decided this was a perfect ‘try-hard’ dress a teenage girl would think made her look sexy and sophisticated. We bought the dress. And the plot began to form- Mum is going out, and Felicity says she is going to her friend Meghan’s house to sleep over. In fact the girls are going out clubbing, so as soon as Mum leaves, Felicity calls her friend on Zoom and models her tiny mini-dress with a pair of Mum’s heels. Of course, Mum has to pop back home unexpectedly, and finds her daughter dressed like a tart. Felicity is spanked, while Meghan stays on the Zoom call and has to watch, making it doubly embarrassing. Then Mum makes Matilda go and put on her old school uniform before she continues punishing her. This turned out to be a popular film partly because of the slutty dress, and how great Matilda looked in it, and high heels. Also the camera angle from the high mezzanine floor made it look like a bit like an old Nu West/Leda film. And people liked the dynamic of the bratty girl and exasperated Mum: ‘You’ve ruined my life! I hate you!’ ‘No you don’t. Now get over my knee. Yes, in front of your best friend, seeing as you insist on doing everything together…’

Occasionally you need to use something topical as the basis for a film. Lockdowns were so long, unbearably frustrating and isolating, that I found myself channelling all my pent-up feelings through a new character called simply ‘Stepmother’. She was blowsy and slovenly in a way, her make-up smudging and her lipstick bleeding- she slouched around the house in slippers and a negligee, sometimes with her hair in rollers, clutching a silk robe to her shoulders, a little too much cleavage on show, a slightly deranged glint in her eye. She’d possibly been at the gin. She was mad with you, and she’d had enough. I made a repetitive, dreamy POV (point-of-view) clip called ‘Dirty boy’ with close-ups on Stepmother’s heavily-lipsticked mouth, pronouncing ‘Dirty boy’ with s snarl, and accusing you of all kinds of filth, catching you playing with yourself in the bathroom, stealing her underwear, watching porn in your room, treating this house like a hotel and so on. I made one film of her looming over the bed catching you in your morning self-abuse, scolding and threatening you with a hair brush. I propped the camera against the pillows, so the angle made you feel as if you were shrinking back into the bed, and I tried for a creepy, claustrophobic Polanski/Hitchcock vibe. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I did like the films. They were different, non-linear, hypnotic in a way.

Another inspiration straight from lockdowns was for a series of ‘office sissy’ films. If you can base something on real life, something that could actually happen, it makes it a far more compelling spanking clip. So, everyone was working from home, and I wanted to film something as if caught on a work Zoom call. What could be more embarrassing (and entirely possible) than having a Zoom call with your boss, and forgetting to turn off the camera, standing up from the table after the call and scratching your balls, to reveal that beneath the table, and the smart corporate shirt you have thrown on for the meeting, you are wearing (a little like Kenny Everett’s Mr Angry) stockings, suspenders, and frilly knickers? Now your boss, with raucous, delighted laughter, has busted you, and being a dominant and sadistic woman, from now on she has you at her mercy, and you have to serve and obey her at all times, otherwise she will reveal your little secret to everyone at work. Endless possibilities for blackmail, dominance, and further feminisation.

Sometimes inspiration is as simple as not going for the first, obvious idea. While recently filming with Lady Jose and Matilda in Texas, at Lone Star, I decided to subvert the usual narrative behind most spanking films- you do something wrong and you get spanked. Looking at Lady Jose and myself- 2 well-built mature women, and willowy Matilda, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to just spank this girl for the sake of it? Even if she doesn’t really do anything all that wrong? Because we’re mean and cruel and we get off on it? So I decided lady Jose and I would be running an international Nanny agency, and Matilda was the last candidate in a long day of tedious interviews. She has exaggerated on her cv, she is not really as well qualified as she claims to be, but more importantly, before she even comes in for her appointment, the ladies have decided we’ve had a boring day interviewing silly girls, we’ve had enough of them, and we’re tired and stressed, and ready for a cocktail, so we intend to have some fun with the last girl and some stress-relief. So whatever she does, she’s going to get bullied and pushed around, and cruelly spanked, while we tease her and dismiss her hapless pleas for clemency. It was a great clip, specially with our corporate attire, and the shared glances between Lady Jose and myself, the dismissive disdain with which we treat her, and the way we gang up on poor Matilda. The whole point is she hasn’t done anything wrong, but we hold the power over her, and we will wield it for our own amusement. Needless to say, the 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed filming this together, and it’s been a popular film.

On the subject of creating content, a few of years ago, when OnlyFans was new, and everyone was doing it, I decided I ought to do it too, out of FOMO. I signed up, and immediately felt a claustrophobic sense of doom. The pressure to create content daily was like having an anvil hung around my neck. It felt to me like the enemy of creativity. I was terrified of being caught short, being frozen and unable to come up with enough stuff to keep people engaged. Or churning out mindless content for the sake of it. I lacked the experience needed to make it a success at the time. I ran it for a few months and then deleted the account. In retrospect, I did not understand how to run a subscription site like this, and did not know that you can schedule posts ahead of time, even months at one go. You need to plan it, and think ahead, not necessarily upload daily. Also, you need to be patient, build steadily and learn as you go along. Now, several years later, with thousands of photos, hundreds of films and a 4th-draft spanking novel behind me, I understand that you do not run out of ideas. You keep going. I have had countless good ideas since then, and creativity is a pleasure rather than a drudge or a chore. The more I flex my creative muscles, the stronger they become.  I am now excited to open my own subscription site soon (most probably on Loyalfans) and to continue coming up with new spanking-related material. So stay tuned!

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