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Carved Kink

I have a great custom-made cherry wood paddle from this kinky carpenter, it fits my hand like a glove and packs a punch.

Miss Elsa Svenson

I appear in several of the legendary Miss Elsa Svenson’s films as the strict French teacher Miss Ashbrook, at the Bellngton Academy. Miss Ashbrook will be returning soon to the school, to dish out more discipline.[Oui Madame | Je Suis Mechante | French for Beginners | No Hope for Joanna]

You can see the Bellington Academy clips here:!/Bellington-Academy/c/13434206/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

And here you can see many of her other films:


You can read my candid online interview: ‘Miss Iceni will see you now’ and also explore Andy’s excellent spanking blog Someonesgonnagetit, with frequent updates and plenty of archived material here:

Wicked Woods

My Eton Flogging Block was customised from drawings and photos of the original, by the talented Chris at Wicked Woods. He can be found at London Alternative Market first Sunday of the month.

Website Design

Website concept, design and photography by my dear friend and talented graphic designer Lotta Landelius. You can see more of her work here:

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