...She has given me everything I hoped for from our sessions, though not always in the way I imagined...

Having been on the receiving end of two school based sessions with Miss Iceni, I am so pleased I decided to make contact with her. Miss Iceni commands a very definite style, one of mature, no-nonsense authority in a retro setting. The wardrobe she chooses for herself is subtle and completely in keeping, while her well-appointed study ‘play-space’ is an Aladdin’s Cave of detail and atmosphere. I think of it as a portal to 1969, and nothing happens there that could not have befallen a pupil of those times in need of correction and direction. Miss Iceni clearly enjoys role-play and gives me a credible, rounded Headmistress I can both strive for and fear.


Before my first session we talked via email, about the types of punishments and verbals that would and wouldn’t work for me. This paid great dividends. Then, after each session, I am given time and support to reluctantly return into the everyday world. In session Miss Iceni has an outstanding ability to read a submissive, and will talk both “to” and “at” you. I may sometimes be mentally or physically stretched, but I know I am in safe hands. She has given me everything I hoped for from our sessions, though not always in the way I imagined, which for me is how things should be. Miss Iceni has therefore become a firm fixture in my BDSM activities, in every sense of the word.


“An Adult TV Schoolgirl”    

...I can remember very few mistresses who have got on my wavelength so quickly...

"Miss Iceni is a relative newcomer to the London scene, but brings real gusto to her work, as well as a limitless sense of fun. I have visited her a couple of times and, on each occasion, emailed her in advance to suggest a little role-play scenario themed on school canings. The general idea was that she would open the door to me 'in role' and we would take it from there.


Well, she played her role to absolute perfection, came up with all kinds of twists to embellish my original idea, and caned me expertly and accurately, with a instinctive sense of my pain thresholds. I can remember very few mistresses who have got on my wavelength so quickly. Out of role, she is a real charmer too, with a sense of mischief and a rich hinterland. I will be back!"



...Miss Iceni took me to and then beyond places I never knew existed...

I booked a session with Miss Iceni recently. I am a submissive male with some experience of CP discipline. All aspects of the meeting were first rate. Before the meet Miss Iceni communicated with me by email. She took time to establish what sort of session I wanted, to clarify limits and to identify boundaries to be explored and pushed. From the outset I was in the hands of a total professional.


The session itself was sublime: 90 minutes of discipline, impact play, surrender, mind games, tease, humiliation and eroticism. Miss Iceni took me to and then beyond places I never knew existed. I ended up taking 36 cane strokes. Such was her total hold over me, I would have taken many more. I will be back as soon as I can. Miss Iceni is sublime: intelligent, controlling, but gentle and committed to giving the best possible experience for her clients. I can’t recommend her highly enough. 



...the comforting hug and reassurance that, in spite of being such a naughty boy, one is forgiven and still loved...

Miss Iceni is a lovely sexy lady with a warm and friendly smile and a great sense of humour. She takes care to understand your needs and thresholds before the session begins. Once these have been established however, be careful what you wish for because a stern reception awaits you in her study.


When she spanks, she spanks with attitude, having one of the firmest hands in the business and if tears are what you have requested tears are what will flow. It is not all "wham, wham " however. Time is taken during punishment as you lie across her stockinged legs (with the tantalising prospect of a glimpse of suspender!) to appreciate the consequences of your misdemeanours.  After the treatment the best part of all, the comforting hug and reassurance that, in spite of being such a naughty boy one is forgiven and still loved. You take your leave in a warm, cathartic glow wondering (and hoping) how soon it will be til you once again hear those fearful words "Boy, report to the Headmistress's study".



...On occasions when I need calming down, Aunty delivers strong petticoat punishment, where I will have to wear little girls clothes...

I just wanted to say that Miss Iceni is my Aunty and she has been treating my poor behaviour for quite some time now.  As her very naughty nephew, I can say that in every punishment session we have, my Aunty is always conscious of my limits for that day and pushes only as far as my reactions suggest. The connection between us is very strong and although left sore and sobbing, Aunty always makes me feel loved when punished, which is exactly what I need from domestic spanking. 

On occasions when I need calming down, Aunty delivers strong petticoat punishment, where I will have to wear little girls clothes, which is really embarrassing for me but quite amusing for Aunty. 

Finally I would like to say that I love her dearly and hope she can find time and inclination to treat my poor behaviour for many years to come.



...I wanted to experience English-style CP at first hand...

I visited Miss Iceni on a recent visit to London and, although I was very nervous indeed when I knocked on her door, left an hour later on a real emotional high, having been dealt with firmly but fairly by a lady who clearly loves what she is doing and does it with great aplomb.

As an American with no personal experience of the English school scene, I have long been fascinated by it from afar. My late husband was English and remembered the days when pupils lived in dread of getting 'six of the bes't from the head teacher. I was keen to be transported back to those days, and learn more about the folklore surrounding corporal punishment in English schools of the past. I also wanted to experience English-style CP at first hand. Miss Iceni satisfied me on both counts. In fact, my visit left such a 'marked' impression that I have been encouraging my spanking-curious American friends to take the plunge.


Paula from Wisconsin


....Miss Iceni is in complete control at all times when I am with her and I am always put, very calmly but firmly, “in my place''

"I have known since I was young that I have a deep need for maternal style discipline and punishment.

As a youth it happened but very rarely, far too rarely in fact.


During my adult life I have received discipline from several ladies, they have all been very lovely and the sessions have all been enjoyable in their own way but I have almost never made a return visit. 

Not so with Miss Iceni.


I first met Miss Iceni in a social situation and I was immediately struck by her intelligence, her great conversation and her air of calm authority, I felt instantly at ease with her and drawn to her.


I have now visited her in her role as a disciplinarian on a few occasions.


These visits do not involve role-play and are in fact real discipline sessions with punishments administered for real transgressions.

Miss Iceni is in complete control at all times when I am with her and I am always put, very calmly but firmly, “in my place”. 

I find myself a little in awe of her when I am in her study answering her questions and explaining myself to her because I know for sure that I will be punished soundly (but appropriately) as she sees fit.


Miss spanks hard and she canes hard and with with great accuracy.

However, although the punishments are real and always bring tears to my eyes I know that I am 100% safe in her care and that I will come to no harm save for a well deserved sore bottom.


I think that in today’s world everyone needs a place of safety where they can just let go of the stresses and pressures of life and for me that place is Miss Iceni’s study and over Miss Iceni’s knee.


I am looking forward (with a little trepidation) to my next visit to this very special and caring lady.




...she seemed to just know how to push my limits, bring me down, then push them again, read me like a book...

Booked to see Ms Iceni, wanted to experience a range of CP and some role play, her as a Lady of the Manor. We exchanged emails, and she had some really good ideas on how the scene could go. 


Must admit, was nervous when I made my way to Highgate, but her flat was easy to find and felt very homely and discrete. She looked the part! A smart suit, high heels and showy necklace. Was surprised how friendly she was, and when we had coffee before the session, it felt like we'd known each other years. It was clear she had read the suggestions very carefully as when the session began she was a changed person, morphed totally in to Lady Antonia – haughty, cross and sooo determined to dish out a spanking. And more! – over her knee, and the arm of her comfy sofa I was also treated to time with her slipper, hairbrush, paddle and a vicious thick strap that had me gasping. She seemed to enjoy trying out a big range of implements on my (now) very sore bottom. I got a long scolding that was so real it made me squirm and blush!

It was great she seemed to just know how to push my limits, bring me down, then push them again, read me like a book. The time seemed to last for ever in a good way, and I think I tasted some subspace as well. 


Afterwards we relaxed, and she became the friendly Ms Iceni again – I found out she has a cracking sense of humour, and we laughed and laughed, share some of the same brands of comedy. Have met a few times since, and it just seems to get better and better. 




...Miss Iceni’s stern and no nonsense demeanour is something to experience...

I came across Miss Iceni in one of the Bellington Academy’s videos in which she plays the role of Miss Ashbrook - the very strict Headmistress who deals with naughty girls. I was so taken by that clip that I immediately contacted her by email. 


She replied promptly and sent me a form to assess if I would be suitable for her school. I was lucky to be accepted and was asked to report to her study for discipline training on an appointed day. With much dread and trepidation, I visited her ‘school room’/headmistress’ study which is a flat in a lovely Victorian house in a nice part of North London. 

I was of course very nervous when I arrived but she immediately put me at ease (within reason) then given a final interview before the start of her discipline session to find out if I had any particular needs or preferences. After that I was then asked to change into the costume that I had brought along with me. As a disciplinarian Miss Iceni is very versatile and will play the role of Headmistress, Aunty or step mother with absolute authenticity. I like her in her role as Headmistress who deals with a young trainee teacher in need of discipline training. 

For the next hour and a half, I was grilled, given a stern talking to and of course caned at frequent intervals like all naughty girls in her school do. It was a very thorough, demanding and humiliating session being made to stand in front of Headmistress in my corselet and stockings and having to bend over to feel the bite of her swishy cane. 


The thrill and excitement that I got from Miss Iceni’s discipline session is out of this world. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately booked another appointment four weeks later. 

My second visit was even more exciting as I was dealt with by Miss Iceni in front of her step daughter and I had the privilege of seeing her punish her step daughter too. 

Miss Iceni’s stern and no nonsense demeanour is something to experience. After the discipline session you get the opportunity to sit down for a chat and coffee.  Conversation with Miss Iceni is another great pleasure as she is not only highly intelligent but has a wonderful sense of humour. By the way, she is a University graduate - so playing the Headmistress role comes quite naturally. 



...she understood there was a trapped boy within me in need of discipline...

I was intrigued by Miss Iceni's website and after a couple of emails she assured me that she understood there was a trapped boy within me in need of discipline. I arrived at her home one afternoon and after a cup of tea and a chat, I was transported back 45 years.


The small boy within suddenly found himself sitting outside Matron's door. After a short lecture on why I was there I found myself over the table receiving a good slippering. This was genuine maternal discipline. The intensity approached what I dreaded as a child. Once I had completed my time in the corner I returned to the present.


The afternoon more than fulfilled my expectations. Here is someone who understands the world I grew up in and knows that sometimes I need to return to its simplicity.


We chatted a littlee more before I went home. I noted that for one moment Miss Iceni slipped back into her Matron character to remind me that it will be harder next time! I'm looking forward to this greatly.