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I’m  a mature and confident woman with plenty of life experience, and I don’t stand for any nonsense. I grew up outside London, in a family that you could describe as old-fashioned in many ways, and liberal in others, and as a consequence I have forged my own unconventional path, where traditional values matter to me. I believe that good manners, decency, and always giving your best go a long way in life. Some people need a little help to achieve this. Whether you see me as a guiding maternal presence, a stern but diligent governess, a strict but caring Aunt, or any other powerful matriarchal figure, I am here to make sure you don’t fall by the wayside. And I will use whatever means are necessary and appropriate.

Growing up, I was taught to respect authority and follow rules of etiquette and good behaviour. In no way do I condone the use of corporal punishment to educate children. However, I have learnt that in a consensual context or role play, as a way of correcting and controlling behaviour in adults, it is extremely effective.

For me, growing up in the 70s, spanking and punishments were part of family discipline. Being naughty had consequences, and being good earned rewards. Today, in our confusing and permissive world, as we struggle with the daily information overload, these clear boundaries can still be comforting and beneficial to many people. 


Under my care you will learn how to behave, and while I may be firm, it is ultimately for your own good. I am here to keep you in check, with a stern command, a searching gaze and stinging smacks. A spanking is not over until I say it is over; I will tell you when enough is enough. In the end, you will thank me for it. 


I still believe in old-fashioned discipline; the old ways are always the best. Discipline is love. And discipline begins at home.


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