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You can purchase clips of my discipline sessions from my clips store ‘At Home with Miss Iceni ’ on Clips4Sale. There is a large range of discipline films with me punishing and spanking various naughty boys and girls, and a new range of POV (point of view) scolding clips. The store is updated regularly, so you should be able to find something in line with your spanking tastes. 

Perhaps you have always dreamed of a particular spanking fantasy and you’d love your vision to come to life. I can help you with that. You can order a custom clip from me (see ‘fees’ page and email me for details).

I have great feedback from my custom clips because it is a real pleasure for me to recreate your concept/fantasy as closely as possible, while creating something stylish and original.


My short films are never scripted or ‘acted’, While we may have an idea of the scenario before we begin. These are authentic discipline scenes, with real CP enthusiasts, as if you were merely a fly on the wall.

You can also see me as strict French teacher Miss Ashbrook from the Bellington Academy, in Miss Elsa Svenson's films [see Links page]. 

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