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We do not have to engage in immersive role play for a session to work. Your meeting with me could involve anything from a serious, unforgiving punishment thrashing to a light-hearted, more relaxed spanking. While I enjoy using role play as a stepping stone to the right headspace, it is all a matter of personal choice and what you want and need from your visit.

Below are a few example scenarios I have used in the past with great success. I am always open to new ideas, and please don’t be shy to suggest something that tickles your fancy if you don’t find it here. As long as it is within the bounds of traditional discipline I will consider it. 

girl bent over in school uniform with caned bottom
Miss Iceni in cream pussy-bow blouse wearing cream leather gloves


You are called into the drawing room to speak with the lady of the house. She is most disappointed with the standard of your work, and spells out to you how you must do better if you wish to keep your position in the house.

You are sent for a joint detention with your friend. You are both in a lot of trouble. Will she snitch you? And would you do the same, or will you be gallant and protect her?


black and white stockinged legs and high heels


You have bumped into a childhood friend with whom you used to play spanking games as children. She invites you to her house. You wonder if discipline is as important to her as it has become to you. She still seems very assertive, and amused by your nervous curiosity.

sissy panties
eye looking through a keyhole


You must go round to see your neighbour, because she has discovered your knicker-fetish/Peeping Tom tendencies. She is not happy about it.

Your new governess explains how things are going to change around the house. One of her new rules is petticoat punishment, designed specifically to humiliate and dominate unruly males.


Miss Iceni as headmistress seated with flexed cane


You have been caught being naughty at school yet again and must report to the headmistress’ study with a letter from your teacher. She has a fearsome reputation as a no-nonsense  disciplinarian.

school report vintage
sexy stockings and high heels

Your interview for a new job which you desperately want, and would do anything to get, takes a surprising turn when the interviewer asks you to perform a series of embarrassing tasks to prove your enthusiasm.


Your strict stepmother meets you at the door when you get home, holding a terrible school report in her hand, and asks you to see her in the sitting room. 


black and white auntie looking stern


You are visiting your Aunty who takes your education and good manners very seriously. You are very fond of her but you know she can be stern. You’d better be on your best behaviour.

red stocking tops and nightie, holding a slipper

You are visiting your sadistic sister-in-law who just enjoys humiliating and punishing you.


Miss Iceni holding a leather strap and beckoning you

Your new private tutor is not impressed by your lack of respect, shoddy work and inattention. She has permission to deal with you however she sees fit.


cup of tea and saucer

By chance you meet your former form tutor, who used to spank naughty children in front of the whole class, and she invites you home for a cup of tea. She reads your mind, and even though you are tongue-tied, she takes the initiative.


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