To book a session with me, please email introducing yourself and giving me a brief description of what you would like to explore in our appointment, your specific interests and your level of experience. I will then send you a short series of questions which will help me find out a little more about you, your tastes/limits/fantasies/special requests and so on.


This helps me to prepare for our meeting so that it can be the best experience possible for you. I understand that some people prefer to talk on the phone, so if you would prefer not to write these details down, I can send you my number, we can arrange a time to call, and discuss by phone. I am happy for you to ask me questions in return before booking, of course. 

Once we have found a date and time that is mutually convenient, you’ll be booked in for a session. Nearer the time I will send you my address and a contact number. I will also expect you to confirm on the day, before arrival and will give you clear instructions how to do this.


Please note that my contact number is exactly that: a contact number so you can let me know if you are running late/have to cancel/cannot find the flat. It is not a free spanking chat line and is not there for you to text and message me for kinky chat or to book sessions at all hours of the day or night. I do not advertise my phone number, and only give it out once we have communicated by mail, as a basic way of screening. 

When you arrive at my house we can either sit and have a quick chat before we start, to ask any last minute questions, confirm any details, or purely for you to settle in and calm your nerves. Or, if we have agreed this beforehand, I’m happy to go straight into role on arrival. This sometimes works with role-plays or scenarios that might be less effective if we sat and chatted before starting. 

Payment can be given on the day in cash, or in advance via PayPal, bank transfer or on occasions, Amazon gift card. After the session I will not hustle you out of the door as this is not a conveyer-belt, and I would like you to return to a normal headspace and feel ready to face the world again. I do not accept multiple bookings in a day and generally leave time between bookings. 

I also cater for couples,

(do you want to learn how to spank him/her safely and effectively?) 

and dual visits by 2 friends. 

(perhaps you’d like to be punished together as naughty cousins or work colleagues or schoolfriends?)

I am also now offering online sessions either on Skype, Face Time or WhatsApp (by appointment only). These range from 15 mins to one hour. Pease see the FEES below for details.




If you wish to visit regularly (weekly/fortnightly for example, I can work out a reduced fee for the month if you pay in advance

40 mins         £100 

(Most sessions are for 1 hour, but if it’s a straightforward ‘short, sharp shock’ spanking which can be done in 40 mins, I will take a shorter booking. This is not for elaborate role-plays or complicated scenarios however)

1 hour            £150

1.5 hours       £200

2 hours          £250



15 mins        £25 

30 mins       £45

45 mins       £65

1 hour          £85

Payment in advance via bank transfer, PayPal, or Amazon gift card

via Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp (by previous arrangement only)



Solo (e.g POV- point of view) custom scolding clip approx 15 mins including editing


I also offer custom clips with models (male and female) depending on availability. In this case my fee is £150 plus the model’s fee (which varies) and any specialist props/outfits.