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First visit to Lone Star Spanking Party 2023 Part 2

L to R Sarah Gregory, Miss Bernadette, Matilda and Miss Iceni at the Littles Party

For the first couple of days, despite Lone Star Spanking Party’s name, it was easy to forget that it was, in fact, a party with fun involved, alongside the hard work (albeit enjoyable hard work). We had taken on so many filming engagements- in fact we filmed over 15 clips in just a few days, sometimes several back to back, and we were churning out story-lines like a snow-plough: strict caning Governess, British Mum taking her daughter in to see the principal for a good old U.S. paddling, divorced couple: British Mum and American Dad spanking their spoilt, manipulative daughter, a mean Hotel Manager dealing with a bratty American guest, and Mother and daughter British ‘Karens’ complaining about the service and spanking the young hotel manageress. There were also paid sessions in our hotel suite or other guests’ rooms, which were surprisingly easy to arrange, and in the end all of the above paid for our trip and more, so it was a successful gamble, having made the decision to attend for the first time and see if it would work out. From a professional standpoint it was definitely working out.

But the evening we decided to attend Sarah’s Littles Party was the first time we realised we were also here to enjoy ourselves and party like everyone else. I had taken Matilda, in her corduroy pinafore dress, knee-socks and hair clips, into the room, where there were mats laid out in the middle of the floor, and ‘adults’ sitting around the outside on sofas and chairs, while the littles chose toys or colouring-in books and played together. The music from Frozen played in the background. It was a simple set-up but pitched perfectly. Sarah took Matilda by the hand and led her to the tables with dolls and crayons and they began to play together. There was a calm, contented vibe, the littles who were already there absorbed in their play, eyeing each other shyly across the mats. Not having actual children, I imagine it was like a successful Mothers and toddlers group. I sank into a deep sofa and watched Matilda playing with the others.

Suddenly a long-legged lady in leg-warmers with wild hair, bright lipstick and even brighter eyes draped herself onto the sofa next to me, and in a gravelly voice asked me,

‘So, are ya having a good time?’

I nodded,

‘Oh yes, a great time, thanks.’

‘Great, that’s great. I’m Madame Samantha B. I’ve been meaning to come say hi. I’m having a fantastic time. I just spanked this girl’, she drawled, ‘up in my hotel room, and she took all her clothes off! I mean aaaaall her clothes. I didn’t ask her to, she just did it! She just wanted me to spank her naked, so what’s not to like, right? I said sure, why not.’ She sighed happily.  ‘I’m having the time of my life!’

We grinned at each other.

‘That your little?’ she asked me, indicating Matilda, who was chatting to a boy in shorts.

“Yes, that’s my girl, Matilda.’

The little boy in shorts offered Matilda a sweet from a large carrier bag full of goodies.

‘My Mummy says I should share, so she told me to offer you one of these.’ he said solemnly.

Matilda hesitated briefly, then took the whole bag, handed him a Reece’s peanut butter cup from the haul, and said firmly,

‘Well, I think your Mummy is very kind. Please tell her thank you.’

The poor boy sat, eyes wide, staring at his lost bounty. There were titters from the other adults.

‘Matilda… give those back, she didn’t mean you should take the whole bag. That’s not very kind to take all of them. Come on.’

She handed them back to him reluctantly.


‘Yes, darling?’

‘Do you think when I grow up I’ll be as kind as his Mummy?’

‘Only if Hell freezes over dear, but we live in hope.’

More giggles and wry looks from the other care-givers.

Matilda played with Sarah and the other kids while the adults chatted and smiled indulgently. Miss Bernadette came to join us; I had been looking forward to talking to her too. At one point I looked over and Matilda had started to roll up and down the central mats, elbows tucked in, and white knickers flashing. Sarah joined her and they had great fun rolling up and down, giggling and prodding each other.

‘Look at me Nanny, I’m rolling!’

Soon I saw her rocking back and forth- sitting with her legs straight out in front of her at a right angle like a doll, then rolling over to lying on her back, her legs standing straight up, above her head, her dress falling over her shoulders. Sometimes she rocked so far back her toes touched the floor behind her shoulders. She started to gaze around her with a dreamy expression on her face. She had finally relaxed into full-on Matilda-space. A small boy toddled in with his ‘leather’ teddy who was dressed in a black studded body-harness and peaked cap, his Daddy holding his hand. I complemented his cool shoes, and asked him his teddy’s name (which now escapes me). The boy who had offered the sweets rounded up other kids to go listen to his Mummy read a story. What a great party and a safe space for like-minded age-players to relax and be themselves.

The following night there was another suite party which we attended after dinner. Matilda asked if she could go in her pyjamas and I said of course, why not? It was, after all, past her bedtime. Matilda’s favourite outfit (apart from school uniform of course) is her pyjamas and socks. Here we met our European friends, Elena with her hair in pigtails, also in pyjamas cuddling her teddy (the night before she had been dressed in a latex corset and lingerie, her Daddy in a sharply-tailored suit. This is one fun side to the suite parties- wear whatever you like- some girls walked around in barely-there lingerie, some people in casual wear.) In the main room, with people chatting and drinking all around and spankings taking place on the central massage tables, Madame Samantha B took the girls aside to give them a small gift for having helped her tidy up and clear away some chairs earlier. Unfortunately there was some rivalry and Elena stole Matilda’s gift, or the other way round- whatever had happened it resulted in them bickering- pulling each others’ hair, pinching and pushing, and some mean comments.

‘Enough!’ declared Elena’s Daddy, and we both stood up and marched the girls into one of the bedrooms. The throng of revellers parted, heads turning, as I strode past with Matilda’s wrist encircled firmly by my hand, Sir T dragging Elena by the elbow.

‘Come along, you’ve been most unkind. Little girls should play nicely together. If you can’t do that then you will have your bottom smacked, and I don’t care if it’s in front of all these people. It’s too late to argue about it now, come on.’

‘But she started it!’

‘I don’t care who started it, we are going to finish it.’

We took up positions on the edge of the beds, the girls standing before us, heads bowed, hands clasped nervously in front of them. A small crowd began to gather in the doorway and inside the room, keen to see how this would play out. One young man, who I had been chatting to earlier at the party, casually took out his phone and held it at hip height, screen slanted toward us. I continued in role, scolding Matilda then dragging her across my lap. I did not want to break the scene, but as we continued, I glanced up sporadically, looking straight at him sternly, to make it clear I had seen his phone and he should put it away. Taking pictures, and video is strictly prohibited at these events, without express consent of all involved. It’s stated clearly in the programme information. He kept the phone in place until I had finished spanking Matilda. The scene played out, I gave the girls a hard spanking each in turn, scolding them for being unable to play together, and for being immature. Then they both went across Sir T’s lap for a second spanking, legs off the floor, head down, until they both wriggled and pleaded for clemency. I made Elena apologise to Matilda for stealing her trinket, while both stood with their pyjama bottoms lowered and their glowing bottoms on show for our audience.

‘I’m sorry I stole from you.’ Elena said, in what sounded like a contrite voice.

‘Good’. Matilda pronounced. ‘You should be sorry.’

Someone else who should have been sorry was the young man with the phone. I discreetly mentioned my suspicion about him filming to Matilda, after we had gone back into the main room, and she took him aside to speak to him about it. Apparently he was quite defensive and claimed he was ‘checking his flight’ and not filming us at all. While he is new to the scene and may not understand the protocol about phones and cameras at kink events, this struck me as a lame defence. Nobody hurries into a room to catch a live, hot spanking, and simultaneously thinks ‘Oh, I must check my flight…’

Unfortunately this was the second time in a day or two we had been filmed without permission. The other time was while setting up a shoot in our suite. A young guy had been invited along by one of the other participants to help out, and Matilda spotted him surreptitiously filming us, again the phone slanted and held low down so as not to be obvious. She took him to task, and, protesting that he was just taking some ‘behind the scenes pics’, he hurriedly left the room, red-faced.

For the rest of the event we didn’t have to deal with any more presumptuous boys, as we were introduced to Cowboy Bill, who became our new friend and cameraman. You needed a cameraman to shoot a film at 10 am? You needed LED lighting? You need someone to shift that sofa and arrange the room? You need someone to film crouched on the bathroom counter-top so you can film a bath-time punishment? No problem, Cowboy Billy was there, despite having partied all night and slept 3 hours. Wasted, but keen, and always polite, he was there, and he couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating. I was introduced to him after hearing a hilarious story about Vegas and riding the biggest bucking mechanical dick in the world.

I had an amusing encounter with him at the Spanking Party for Naughty Boys run by Miss Elizabeth. I had been invited and had promised my attendance - having been to plenty of spanking and kink events I knew there would be legions of hungry men wanting to be spanked. Yet I was not prepared for the crowd as I arrived 5 mins late to the party. It was all I could do to find a spare high-backed seat by the wall and ‘set up shop.’ No sooner had I sat down with my implements laid out beside me, than an orderly queue formed of willing males, and for the whole hour they threw themselves, one by one across my knee like lemmings. Cowboy Bill was one of these- I summoned him with a crooked finger as I wanted to give him a reward spanking for all his help.

‘Do you wanna see my cowboy lingerie?’ he asked, grinning.

‘Of course I do.’

‘I’ll bet ya anything you can’t see them and not laugh. You’re gonna laugh, I’d bet money on it.’

‘Try me.’ I said, as stern as I could be, but he was right- when his belt buckle was undone, and I slid his trousers down, he was wearing a spray-on pair of budge-smugglers with realistic denim photo-print to make them look like like Daisy Dukes. I couldn’t keep a straight face.

Cowboy Bill was another LSSP attendee who could party hard but work hard as well. He told us he worked out at the gym for weeks in a advance of the event, and slept as much as possible so he could go full pelt for the 4 days he was here. I suppose the experience is different for the professionals- the spanking studios, film producers, models, and pro dommes who attend- we are there to work, but it looked like most of us managed to shoe-horn as much fun into the weekend as possible too. Even John (Spankchief) and Sarah, the organisers seemed able to party hard in between running multiple film shoots, trouble-shooting and setting up events on the hoof, with Sarah arriving, fabulously-dressed at every dinner to be the gregarious hostess. An enduring image of the partying is of Spankchief at the suite party on the last night, spanking Matilda in the bedroom. She managed to wriggle off his lap and run away, leaping into a huge laundry basket on wheels, in the corner of the room. John then proceeded to parade her into the main room, standing up with her pyjama bottoms down, on the “Spanking Express - toot toot! smacking her bottom with every few paces, as she giggled and hopped gleefully- a Baby Boudicca in her chariot greeting her subjects.

A couple of months later I have very fond memories of Lone Star, and we are already excited about going back next year. We are still in touch with our new friends and making plans to see them again soon, to work together and hang out. My name-badge and lanyard are propped on a shelf in the bedroom where I can see them. ‘Miss Iceni- performer and Pro D’. It sounds silly, but in an industry where you have to defend your life choice to people almost daily, and even among our community we deal with prejudice from those who claim we are merely money-motivated, or we can be shunned for being age-players, it was such a refreshing vibe to be surrounded by 300 other people all into spanking, who all intuitively understand your D/s relationships, your tastes and choices, your success and expertise, and who actively celebrate and welcome that. It was genuinely liberating to party with all these people and be treated with kindness and appreciation. Lone Star is a brilliant networking event, a fantastic party, and the most fun ever. I have forged many new work contacts, made enough to pay for the trip, and on top of that have found new followers from the States. Every time I make a new sale on Clips4Sale from the U.S it makes me smile. There has been a definite uptick in sales from the States since Lone Star. But more than that, new friendships have been formed and the U.S has shown us, with its inimitable can-do attitude that all are welcome with open arms (and pants down). We can’t wait to go back.

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1 opmerking

08 jan.

Another wonderfully evocative article that just brings the whole experience to life through words - shame that even at events such as this there are those that don't understand, or worse still choose to flout, established etiquette though.

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