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miss iceni signature in formal hand-writing

Under my care you will learn how to behave, and while I may be firm, it is ultimately for your own good. I am here to keep you in check, with a stern command, a searching gaze and stinging smacks. A spanking is not over until I say it is over; I will tell you when enough is enough. In the end, you will thank me for it. 

I still believe in old-fashioned discipline; the old ways are always the best. Discipline is love. And discipline begins at home.


hand pointing



white hand pointing with finger

Apart from my voice, and the impact of whichever implement I am using, once you are inside this room the only sounds you will be aware of are the ticking of the bronze-faced clock, the creak of the old floorboards and the gentle hum of passing traffic, which can be strangely soothing as you wait, bent over, for the next strike. My study should be a timeless place you fear to enter, but that once you have left, you want to revisit, like the recesses of your imagination where you keep your most secret and precious fantasies of punishment and redemption.





...I can remember very few mistresses who have got on my wavelength so quickly...

"Miss Iceni is a relative newcomer to the London scene, but brings real gusto to her work, as well as a limitless sense of fun. I have visited her a couple of times and, on each occasion, emailed her in advance to suggest a little role-play scenario themed on school canings. The general idea was that she would open the door to me 'in role' and we would take it from there.


Well, she played her role to absolute perfection, came up with all kinds of twists to embellish my original idea, and caned me expertly and accurately, with a instinctive sense of my pain thresholds. I can remember very few mistresses who have got on my wavelength so quickly. Out of role, she is a real charmer too, with a sense of mischief and a rich hinterland. I will be back!"


We do not have to engage in immersive role play for a session to work. Your meeting with me could involve anything from a serious, unforgiving punishment thrashing to a light-hearted, more relaxed spanking.


While I enjoy using role play as a stepping stone to the right headspace, it is all a matter of personal choice and what you want and need from your visit.



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