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Six of one and half a dozen of the other

I have decided to start offering 2 new, totally different types of disciplinary experiences- short, sharp, shock sessions, (or, as I like to call them, ‘Wham, Bam, thank you Ma’am’), and overnight stays. You could say this is going from the sublime to the ridiculous they are so far apart! But they both have something very special to offer that differs from a usual, one hour or 90 min booking. I am going to explain a little more in detail what these sessions are like, and what’s on offer. Initially I am only offering the overnight stays to regular visitors/clients who have been to see me before, and if we haven’t met then you will need to provide a good reference, but the shorter sessions are open to anyone, the same as my other bookings.

Let’s start with the shorter sessions, I know this is not a new idea- plenty of other disciplinarians offer them, and I have decided to do the same. I have been running them for a short while with regular clients, and they seem to work extremely well. Let’s take my errant ‘brother-in-law’ for example. We have known each other for years, have had many spanking experiences together including him being spanked in front of and with my nephew Andrew, by Miss Moneypenny and myself, Nanny Vee and myself, we have filmed many clips where he is embarrassed, thrashed, and leaves with a very sore bottom. Although he can take a very good spanking, we do also banter and laugh. He even joins in with his SPH! (see clips with Miss Moneypenny where we tear him a new one). But when he booked to come see me for a short hairbrush punishment spanking, there was no laughing as I opened the front door. I could see he was trembling and looked pale and nervous. He was ordered straight into the study where I lectured him sternly about embarrassing me at another family party (he does seem to have a habit of doing this) and how I was going to teach him a lesson this time, one he would not forget in a hurry. His apologies were not good enough. He was going to go across my knee for a proper punishment. His spanking lasted approximately 15 mins, and involved my hand and 2 hairbrushes, one of them very heavy. I knew he would not be able to take many swats with that one, and I did not want to break his bottom. It turned out that fifteen minutes was plenty of time to leave him a gibbering wreck with a pink and purple bottom. He told me the headspace was different from a longer session- it amplifies the fear factor and the nerves- after all, no warm-up and no chit-chat or build up. But you also know it will be over soon, and you just have to get through it.

Another regular visitor has started coming to see me for these ‘Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am’ sessions, and he calls in after work, on the way home. Similar idea: no messing about, get in the study, pants down, get across my knee, this is going to hurt and so on. He also struggles with the spanking itself while it’s happening, but when he rises from my lap I can see he is lighter, calmer, all tension spanked out of him. He says he does not need a whole hour and that after the first twenty minutes or so of a normal session he is sated and the rest feels like a chore. Also it’s expensive so he has to psyche himself up for it and then not visit again for longer than he would like. He’s been to see me twice in two weeks because it is affordable to do so and he gets the same result as from a longer session. Let’s not beat about the bush- cost is also a consideration. The cost of living is rising for all of us, not everyone will be able to to afford the luxury of an hour’s spanking although they still need and want a smacked bottom. While I would generally focus on higher-end bookings (after all, costs/bills etc have gone up for me too) I am happy to be able to offer what people need at a price they can afford. And if it means someone who might have not visited me can now come more regularly and leave happy, then that makes me happy too.

I just want to mention what a short session is not: It is not a way to get a longer session but cheaper. It is not the time or the place to mail me a long list of requests for the session- positions, scenarios, how I dress, certain trigger phrases, what not to do, implements you don’t like etc etc. This is not a ‘service top’ experience. It is generally meant for those with some background in the CP scene who know what they want, and know what’s what. Of course I ask for a brief summary beforehand - ‘OTK hairbrush spanking- scenario tenant and landlady’ for example, or ‘cold caning followed by hand spanking, no role play necessary’, or ‘detention with the headmistress, leather strap and paddle’. But you do not get a safe-word. Once you have committed, you go through with it. Other things short sessions are not: a relaxed way to hang out with me and get to know me. Those of you who have visited me for an hour or longer will know I like to let you relax after a long session, maybe have a cuppa and a chat, and slowly transition back to normal. However, if you’re paying me for 20 mins, then it needs to be closer to this time-frame. Of course a quick catch-up afterwards is fine, but you need to respect my time.

So, in short (pardon the pun) I can see the benefit of this type of session for certain spankees. It can even be a way to come and ‘try before you buy’ - have a quick session with me and see if we are compatible, then come back for a longer session at a later date. It is a no-nonsense way to scratch the itch, it is an affordable option, it is a challenge for those of you who are curious about whether you could take a ‘real’ spanking, and it is an authentic punishment, more similar to a real school detention or spontaneous spanking in days gone by.

Let’s move on to the overnight stays. Now, I am, currently only offering these to people who have been to see me before. II will discuss other scenarios and ideas afterwards, but as I have done them so far as experiences for ‘littles’, let’s have a look at how this works. It makes sense that if you are a little, you would like to stay overnight with Nanny or Aunty. Activities have included the following: playtime, teaching time, tea-time, bath-time, bed-time-story (and of course pyjama spankings), even middle of the night spankings for not being asleep/waking Nanny up, then of course early morning spanking, breakfast, and one more spanking for the road. Perhaps I didn’t mention there’s a lot of spanking? In between these activities. of course, if you are naughty, Nanny will not hesitate to tip you across her knee and thrash you soundly. You will be warned, but if you misbehave, there will be a sore bottom coming your way. And if it is a littles scenario, it goes without saying there is plenty of cuddling and affection too because everyone deserves to be forgiven and soothed after taking their discipline.

In this context the overnight stays worked extremely well and offered something very special- the chance to enter little-space almost as soon as you arrive, and to stay there all evening, go to bed with a sore bottom in the same headspace and wake up in the same headspace, to be spanked again. It is a very intense experience, and can be done either totally in role without breaking it at all, or slipping in and out if it’s too much to hold the frequency for so long. It is natural for Nanny to be preparing a little dinner/washing up/tidying while you are told to be good and play. (or get up to mischief of course). It makes sense that you would go to bed earlier than Nanny, and hear her watching tv in the living room or moving about the house. And to be expected that if you stray from your room, or are not asleep when she sporadically opens your bedroom door to peer in and check, then you will pay the price for disobeying her. If you are good then maybe you can cuddle up with Nanny and have a nice story read to you, or some play time and chatting. For this type of session there would be far more discussion beforehand, and some planning on my part.

An overnight stay is very intense (but also very rewarding) so, logically, it is priced accordingly. The is not the ‘cheap’ option, it is a special experience for those who can afford it. It is not the Ritz- you will be sleeping in my study/punishment room. This cosy space doubles up very well as a small bedroom, and you will sleep on a single bed, among my implements and collection of CP books, with the school desk at the end of the bed, and the red leather sofa the other side of the room. I’m prepared to offer dinner but not haute cuisine- I have no desire to run an actual B+B! But pasta and salad for example, or something along those lines. I suspect you will not be thinking so much about food, rather satisfying a different hunger. It is comfortable enough, but it is not the room or the meal you are paying for, it is the chance to be yourself for an extended period of time in a safe and supportive environment. You get 1 to 1 time with me and all my attention is focused on you. You do not have to come out of little-space and can truly luxuriate in this precious environment. It can be transformative.

I am discussing ‘little’ space a lot here because I have recently had several overnights in this context and they seem to work very well. However, I believe the idea would work equally as well for those of you who do not identify as ‘little’. Perhaps you like to get spanked as an adult, or a teenager. There are so many ideas that would work. Imagine a strict, old-fashioned landlady and tenant. Perhaps a traditional B+B with a twist. Plenty of house-rules, no quarter given if you break any of them, and a landlady who has very firm ideas about keeping her guests in line. Or Reformatory School and Matron - sent to stay overnight and subjected to her stern, no-nonsense discipline for your own good. Matron will not put up with any of your bad behaviour, and a night in her clutches will surely cure you of your need to misbehave. Or a young lady staying with her severe Aunt, after being caught gallivanting with an unsuitable suitor. Sit up straight at the table, dress properly, mind your Ps and Q’s, answer all her probing questions, suffer her cold disapproval, and pay the consequences for your poor decision-making. Or a young secretary/carer nervously starting her live-in job with an imperious and demanding retired actress or singer, faded now and fallen on hard times, but used to her every whim being fulfilled, and not shy of showing her disapproval when met with insufficient deference/toadying. ~I could think of 100 more role play ideas but these are the first few that spring to mind. And another option is that you could have a nice, chilled evening with me with 2-3 decent spanking sessions incorporated where we are in role or not, and the rest of the time we chat, have dinner, and slip out of role. Then you get a place to stay and another spanking in the morning.

So there you are: a glimpse into the thought-process behind this decision to offer two new, very different types of disciplinary experiences. If I had a larger property I would have many other ideas for group stays and so on. But given my cosy London flat and the intimacy these experiences can offer, it’s nice to be creative and think outside the ‘one-hour session’ box. I have really enjoyed giving both shorter sessions recently, and the intense overnight stays. In particular I like to see the effect it has had on the participants. In both cases there have been tears- the emotional release from a hard and fast thrashing that shocks the system to tears of happiness, cuddled up in bed, at the transformative power of living out your fantasy in full.

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Jul 06, 2022

I'm surprised this post hasn't generated any comments yet. Perhaps we're all struggling with global and domestic events to contemplate the delightful possibilities your post provides or hints at.

As you correctly write, the short, sharp shock would appeal mostly to the initiated, although it could be offered as a 'taster' session if the intensity is lowered. A sort of 'talk you through it' session. Your visitor could then reflect on his/her experience. The point is we do not always know our own minds or have the confidence or courage to express them to others, and your depth of understanding and experience would help those who visit to take the next step.

The overnight stay is appealing on so many…

Jul 06, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much, not only for your interesting and constructive suggestions about offering shorter sessions but also your delightful reminiscences!…

yes there is an awful lot going on currently and in general people tend not to post comments directly on the blog but on my Twitter feed. Engagement here is, however, always appreciated! I have in fact had quite a few requests for these short sessions and one or two for the longer overnight stays since publishing this. thanks again for leaving a comment! Miss Iceni

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