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Review of Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am slipper spanking

“In Miss Iceni’s space no one can hear you scream

It was with some trepidation that I knocked on Miss Iceni‘s door at 3 pm on a recent Wednesday afternoon. I had arranged with her to undergo a punishment spanking with a slipper and the day has finally arrived for me to undergo the ordeal. It was to be a short sharp shock. In her words a punishment not a “funishment”.

The arrangement was that I would have no say in how hard the punishment would be and the only saving grace was that it would be over quickly. It would be a short scolding followed by 10-15 minutes of hard, no holds barred spanking. To make it more real I gave Miss Iceni details of a genuine incident that had occurred to me when I was 14. It was an act of moronic vandalism on my part which had gone unpunished at the time and 40 years later the stupidity of what I had done still gnawed at me. Miss Iceni agreed that she would punish me for it . It was therefore to be an authentic punishment spanking with a slipper and it would hurt.

When I arrived, I knocked on the door and was allowed up to her flat. There was no cosy chat or getting to know you session and I was taken in to her chamber where I had to stand in front of her and explain myself. Miss Iceni then scolded me in very calm but forceful terms and made clear how stupid my conduct had been. I was then ordered to strip to my underpants and was pulled over and the spanking commenced with one of her slippers.

Somewhat ominously as I was pulled over her knee and before the first smack had landed I was told I did not need to worry that my shouts might be heard as the room we were in had thick walls, a high ceiling, was on the outside of the house and there was a lot of traffic noise out there as well. I usually can keep quiet when being spanked but this made me realise this time was going to be different.

The pants on spanking went on for a short while. It is hard to say how long but it was not long enough. It hurt and I could feel that my bottom was in some discomfort. However, things got worse when I was told to stand up and take off my pants.

I then had to go back over Miss Iceni‘s knee, stark naked and she then applied the slipper much more vigorously , enthusiastically and forcefully. I was very soon struggling to catch my breath. Yelling in agony, which I would have been justified in doing, was not an option because I was concentrating on trying to breathe and did not have the air to yell.

The spanking consisted of short hard bursts of smacks interspersed with slower but harder whacks. Although the punishment was only supposed to last 10 to 15 minutes it seemed to go on for ages. I could feel that my backside was on fire and I was hanging on to a handily-placed cushion for dear life while moaning and gulping for breath.

Every now and then the smacks would stop and Miss Iceni would remind me of the stupidity of my actions. The spanking would then resume and I was learning the benefits of the lesson I was being mercilessly taught.

I have had many sessions with many highly respected ladies on the scene, including short sharp shocks and thrash and dashes, and I have been spanked, slippered, peddled, thrashed and beaten but this session was something different. It was a real punishment. No nonsense, no holds barred and full force. The key difference between this and usual Sessions is that my limits were, with my prior consent, being deliberately ignored.

I would not recommend it to newbies or to the faint hearted. There is no Safe Word (not that I would expect that from a dissident disciplinarian who knows what she is doing) and the punishment is hard and severe but short in duration. I managed to get through and it certainly hurt a great deal and it was one of the most exciting sessions of Corporal punishment I have ever had. I will definitely do it again.

Miss Iceni is excellent, calm collected and knows exactly how to give a hard slippering. I thoroughly recommend it and I will do it again. It’s the most exciting session of CP I have had in many years.”

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